Get Set Travel

Bizcape coin is the future of decentralized Travel bookings where users can get the best offers while booking tours. Further, users can take advantage of these services including travel accommodations at unique prices. Take advantage of hotel management services, flight ticketing services at the best prices. Moreover, with our Travel solution users will get live updates of flights and other travel associated services.

  • Book Hotels & Flights
  • Best Price
  • Multi Payment Options
  • Referral and Reward

Our Gaming

The upcoming Bizcape Coin platform will allow users to play any 3D games, create digital assets online, and earn Bizcape Coin effortlessly. Our platform will provide power to artists, creators, and players by helping them envision unique resources and play creatively.

Play, Create, Own and Govern a Virtual World made by Players

Gamers will get an option where they can play any 3D game of choice and develop their own digital gaming assets. They can be the owner of their own digitally created assets and trade them on our NFT marketplace securely for gaining multiple profits. Furthermore, users can create their own virtual world and create their own land.

Road Map

Road Map


Phase 1

Launched on PancakeSwap instead of coming Soon.

In this phase, we will list our Bizcape coin on pancake swap exchange for improving the coin market visibility.

iOS & Android App of IDO

We will also deploy our iOS & Android Mobile App that will be integrated with easy to use IDO services.


Phase 2

Own Exchange Launch

At this stage, we will launch our Bizcape Coin exchange architectured with high-security blockchain technology.

Mobile Apps of Exchange iOS & Androids

After that, we will develop our mobile app of the exchange platform for iOS & Android.

Multi-Currency Wallet

We will make our mobile and web application exchange platforms integrated with multi-currency wallets.


Phase 3

Game Development Start

Next, we will initiate the development of a decentralized game that will be made with NFT assets and protected by blockchain technology.

Listing on CoinGecko

Then, we will list our Bizcape Coin on CoinGecko to create a generalized market for our token and gain maximum profitability.


Phase 4

Listing on CoinMarketCap & Coin Tracker

Then, we will list the Bizcape coin on the CoinMarketCap & other coin tracker websites for tracking the coin performance.

NFT Marketplace Development Started

Our NFT marketplace development process has started and it will be inherited with scarce NFTs. Moreover, our platform will help users in cross-chain NFT exchange.

Some major Partnerships Announcement

Stay connected with us, as we are going to announce partnerships and major collaborations within a short span of time.


Phase 5

Own Blockchain Launch

We are going to launch our own blockchain constructed with increased block sizes to store data and offer the highest security.


Phase 6

Game Launch

At this stage, we will launch our Bizcape decentralized game, so that users can play and earn Bizcape Coin.


Phase 7

Dex Exchange Launch

At this phase, we will launch our decentralized exchange with faster transferability and heavy security inclusion.


Phase 8

NFT Marketplace Launch

In this phase, our NFT marketplace will be launched online with multiple scarce & secure NFT assets, and cross-chain NFT exchange services.

NFT Marketplace
Explore, Create and Sell NFTs

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are virtual tokens minted on the blockchain-based marketplace. Our upcoming NFT asset marketplace is going to be developed with digitally scarce, secure, and authentic NFTs. Moreover, users can buy, create and sell them as their own NFTs. With that, they will also get unique, indivisible, and non-interchangeable NFTs because of which they can enjoy asset ownership even when they get transferred more often.

Token Distribution

We will list our Bizcape Coin on Pancake Swaps, CoinMarketCap, & CoinGecko. We will also develop and list Bizcape Coin over various exchange platforms and allow multiple options for trading. Our Bizcape Coin will be made upon secured individual blockchain networks like Binance Smart Chain.

* Maximum supply 15 Cr.

  • Coin burn - 20%
  • Team & Adviser - 15%
  • Development - 12%
  • Seed Round - 10%
  • Private Sale - 10%
  • Pre Sale - 10%
  • Public Sale - 10%
  • Marketing - 8%
  • Bounty - 5%

Phase 1

Start date 15 October

private sale

Price - 0.10$

Maximum - 45 days

Total sale - 10%

Phase 2

Private Sale

Price - 0.125$

Maximum - 45 days

Total sale - 10%

Phase 3

Pre Sale

Price - 0.15$

Maximum - 45 days

Total sale - 10%

Phase 4

Public Sale

Price - 0.175$

Maximum - 45 days

Total sale - 10%


Our upcoming Bizcape Coin exchange platform is going to be an efficient trading platform for individual traders. We are also going to launch our Forex services in future. Also, our platform will be developed with the latest and modern technology and high security. Users will be able to deposit & withdraw their cryptocurrencies at a faster rate. Moreover, we will deploy our decentralized exchange platform in the future. Hence, our upcoming exchange platform will benefit users with minimal trading fees.